Monthly Calls
29 7 22
19 5 14
47 9 38
28 10 18
10 1 9
133 32 101

Yearly Calls
371 133 238
373 115 258
331 89 242
302 85 217
292 93 199
404 125 279
419 123 296
362 102 260
350 91 259
133 32 101

Fire Department History

South Mountain Volunteer Fire Company was officially created and chartered on August 20, 1956 with 17 members. The officers of the company at that time were as follows; President Clyde Baker, Vice-President Charles Latshaw, Secretary Lloyd Deisher, and Treasurer Walter Zeigler. The 17 charter members included Clyde Baker, Allen Noble, Ralph Webster, Howard Sites, Maurice Staley, John Shepherd, Merry Staley, C.W Stambaugh, Dick Stambaugh, Hank Jablonski, Lyold Deisher, Lester Stopfel, Luther Baker, Walter Zeigler, Leo Kauffman, Edward Carbaugh, and Bernard Hollinger.

Meetings were held regularly in 1956 at the Fish and Game Club as the funds were raised to finance the needed and necessary items for the ‘proper functioning of the Company.’  On February 7, 1957 the Ladies Auxiliary was created.  The officers were as follows; President Thine Mikkelen, Secretary Ada Baker, and Treasurer Mary Shearer. On March 7, 1957 The Volunteer Fire Company purchased the Sophia Staley property, containing 1.85 acres for $600.00.

On June 17, 1957 Good Lumber Company bid was accepted to build a fire hall 18’ x 40’ with a 12 foot door for $1600.00.  Work on the Building was halted due to a cement strike for two months.  On August 23, 1957 the measurements and layouts of the building were made. On September 16, 1957 it was decided to expand the building to 28’ wide and create two doors rather than one. On October 3, 1957 the fire company purchased its first fire truck from Hyattstown, MD Fire Company for $2300.00 with insurance for the first six months at $63.80. The fire truck was a 1951 Chevrolet with 500 gallon water tank and a 200 gallon per minute pump. November 7, 1957 the first set of guidelines regarding the use of the fire truck was created.

On June 5, 1958, the South Mountain Volunteer Fireman’s Relief Association was created. It was incorporated on October 16, 1958. On February 5, 1959 Anthony Scubelek was appointed as the Captain of the Fire Police.  On January 7, 1960 the fire company purchased an International tank truck from Gettysburg Motors, Inc. for $800.00 and a tank for $425.00. Mr. Karl A. Fultz donated many hours of competent welding in building of the tank. On July 17, 1961 it was noted that the current building does not meet the community needs and a larger building was needed.

On July 1, 1962, it was decided to have a siren test every Saturday at Noon. On May 6, 1963 ground was broken to build a new building on Loop Rd. of where it presently stands.  Total costs for the new building was $13,902.65.  In March 1966 a 1957 Ford Ambulance was purchased from Emmitsburg, MD Volunteer Fire Company. It was to serve a 25 mile radius from South Mountain. On December 8, 1968 it was approved to buy a 1964 Cadillac ambulance from Waynesboro.

On April 2, 1970 The Fire Hall became the Guilford 5th District Polling location.  On October 5, 1970 an Ambulance Club was created with membership cards at $3.00 per year per family and Fire Company membership cards at $1.00.  

On May 5, 1971, Junior Membership was established for those ages 16-18, with the requirement that they attend Fire School starting May 19, 1971. On June 16, 1971 a 1968 International Pumper was purchased and the old International Tank Truck was sold.  On July 12, 1971 the need for an addition is needed to house an ambulance.

On May 13, 1972, 20 firemen completed the Fundamentals of Firefighting course which is 45 hrs of instruction at the time. In 1972, 8 firemen completed the Emergency Ambulance Attendant Course, 25 firemen completed Advanced First Aid, and 15 firemen completed CPR.  In 1972 the fire company answered 54 fire calls, and the ambulance answered 88 calls.

January 8, 1973, a special life membership was created for those members who were over the age of 60 with 15 years in the fire department.

In 1974, a 1971 Ambulance was purchased and the 1964 Ambulance was sold. Also in 1974, fire company costs were $6,000.00 a year to operate. June 5, 1975, a step up Van was purchased and made into a food truck for Company use. In 1975, the cost of operating the Fire Company was $17,000.00 that year.

1976 marked the Department’s 20th Anniversary.

 July 1977 the building expansion began and cost $15,000.00 to meet the current needs at the time.  In 1978 Red brick layering was added to the front of the station and was completed. The food truck was sold. February 5, 1979, Ladies Auxiliary was dissolved and monies were turned over to the Fire Company. April 2, 1979, a brush truck was received from the Franklin County Civil Defense organization to be used for fighting forest fires.

On July 28, 1982, the first Line of Duty Death in the Fire Company. Per the Record Herald, “Fire truck driver dies early today South Mountain- A South Mountain fire truck driver died of a heart attack suffered while responding to a fire which destroyed a mobile home here early today, Dale E. Daywalt Sr.49, was pronounced dead at 3:30 am in Chambersburg Hospital. He had collapsed while responding to a fire at the Glenn Kauffman residence on Loop Rd.”

December 2000 the company purchased and received a new engine from KME.  The Engine was the first new engine in the fire department’s history. The engine is equipped with 1250 gallon per minute pump and a 1000 gallon water tank.

May 2005, the company purchased a 1988 engine from Fallston, MD, which was refurbished in 1999 with the help from Guilford Township. The engine is equipped with a 1000 gallon water tank, and a 1250 gallon per minute pump.

2006 marked the Department’s 50th Anniversary.

March 2012, The Department launched it's first ever website, providing valuable information to the public.


 1958 Group Pic




1961 scba

1961 light unit


1960s fire station

1968 International

1972 SMVFD




Firemans Prayer




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